Developmental Psychology

The Diversity Science Initiative informs developmental psychology through the study of identity development across the lifespan, the cultural context of family environments, and the dynamics of peer relations. Mouse over each badge to see each faculty member’s research direction, and click to view their respective web pages.

Andrew Fuligni Andrew Fuligni

Family relationships, adolescent development

Research Questions:
How do cultural values in adolescence predict later achievement and adjustment? How does obligation to family shape adolescent relationships, activities, and well-being?

Patricia Greenfield Patricia Greenfield

Social change, culture, and human development

Research Questions:
How does cross-cultural value conflict impact socialization and education of Latino immigrant youth? What is globalization's impact on development in rural Mexico?

Jaana Juvonen Jaana Juvonen

Adolescent peer relationships

Research Questions:
How does ethnic composition of the classroom influence peer relationships? Does ethnic context predict patterns of bullying and its consequences?

Gerardo Ramirez Gerardo Ramirez

Affect, cognition, and education performance

Research Questions:
Why do people choke under pressure? How can we help diverse student learning up to their potential?