Clinical Psychology

The Diversity Science Initiative informs clinical psychology through the study of racial disparities in mental health, and cultural factors in psychopathology and treatment. Mouse over each badge to see the faculty member’s research direction, and click through for their respective lab websites.

Denise A. Chavira Denise A. Chavira

Latino mental health, treatment development and anxiety

Research Questions:
What is the role of culture on anxiety and treatment for anxiety? What is the best way to engage low income and ethnic minority families in evidence based treatments?

Anna Lau Anna Lau

Culture, parenting, and problems in child behavior

Research Questions:
How do parents adapt from their culture of origin to raise kids in the United States? Do our evidence-based mental health treatments work for immigrant families and children?

Vickie Mays Vickie Mays

Physical and mental health among sexual and racial/ethnic minorities

Research Questions:
Does discrimination contribute to mental and physical health disparities? How can we improve the well-being of vulnerable populations?

Lara Ray Lara Ray

Behavioral genetics and disparities in addiction

Research Questions:
Are risk factors for addiction, or response to addiction medication ethnicity-dependent? Are there genetic markers for addiction vulnerability in certain ethnic groups?