Diversity Science Minor Concentration

The new graduate minor in Diversity Science within Psychology cuts across the PhD programs in Psychology. The minor provides a mechanism for students to deepen their understanding of theories, methods and research relevant to studying minority populations. It gives formal recognition to students who, in addition to their graduate major, elect to specialize in diversity science.

The Diversity Science minor requires 3 courses totaling 12 units. One course must be the new Diversity Science seminar which was first offered in Fall 2011 by Profs. Anna Lau and Yuen Huo. It will be offered yearly with instructors rotating among departmental faculty with Diversity Science expertise. Two electives can be selected from a number of eligible courses. Depending on the studentĀ¹s interests, one course for the minor can be selected from a related field such as Anthropology, Education, Management, Political Science, Psychiatry, Public Health, or Sociology.